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The Biggest And Most Ambicious Project Or Riding Journeys Our Epic Trip To Korea – Team

Snakeboard rider may ride the board on virtually any terrain and propel himself uphill and perform extreme stunts identic to those done by skateboarders and snowboarders. Snakeboards let riders to gain momentum without need to push themselves with their feet like skateboarders.

ENNUI was always a tally new concept of protective gear specifically designed for urban sports, and all non motorized wheeled sports. Urban sports have been really fun, so do not ruin the experience with the bad gear, choose ENNUI. When Ruben isn’t shredding in his hometown Barcelona you usually can see him travelling to contests and on urs all worldwide, oftentimes wearing them ENNUI ankle guards. He next to impossible to deny, Ruben has always been prominent by his creative lines and mindblowing tricks most out unexpected urban obstacles. If Sergi had started his carreer as a snowboarder or soccer player for sure by now he will have been a millionare with world recognition, his passion for a less mediatic sport kept him spotlight out like most urban sports adherents.

While grinding handrails and jumping higher than anyone else with his board attached to his feet, formerly reputed as snakeboarding, streetboarding quite a few BMX, inline skaters, and skateboarders globally understand about this crazy guy.

He collects more world titles, video sections and interviews than anyone else in the sport, and without doubt he has helped to create and define what streetboarding is mostly about currently, sergi ain’t entirely top-notch rider in streetboard history, World Champion and chosen year skater once again in 2012.

ENNUI is proud to have this really talented athlete and remarkable character in our team. Although, ultimately here!

The biggest and most ambicious project or Riding hiking, our epic trip to Korea.

Combinings slides, ollies, flips and even grinds when crusing the streets with his longboard.

Definitely the present and future of longboarding. Obviously, Axel proves to be among the most enjoyable skaters to watch, with his one of a kind and creative style. Likewise an enormously competitive downhill rider, Axel saw methods of skating obstacles that no other could consider. Originally from good At 20 junior age, Stephanie has proven to be one of a kind skaters worldwide after winning pretty much each single contest she participated in, and she has been currently nº1 across the world ranking. Stéphanie Richer keeps raising female level inline skating with her infamous 540 alleyoop psoul and crazy disaster tricks. Piotrek Combrzyński has what it should take to skate the mega ramp, a ENNUI SF helmet certainly.



Song 1. Although, Put it on floor -Otis McDonald Song 2. OK trip to Germany!!! Fin de semana en Alemania, en el campeonato SNAKE attack. Let me tell you something. Mucho frío, muchas risas, muy buenos trucos, Huelga de limpieza en el aeropuerto de Barcelona. His energy and passion for skating have usually been contagious, he would definetley not be similar without skates on his feet and we can’t imagine rollerblading without Richie! That said, often with a smile on his face he is capable of doing any tricks imaginable and still having fun. Originally from Regina, Canada, Richie spends a bunch of his time travelling around the planet. Asian Xmass in China, next week ripping Barcelona streets, powerblading in Morocco or skitching tuk tuks in Bangkok.